Andrea Roberts began studying piano at the age of six in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. After completing her degree in jazz studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, Andrea moved to Rosario, Argentina. Over the next six years, Andrea became an integral part of the local jazz scene, playing with a variety of groups and leading her own trio. 

While living in Argentina, Andrea discovered a passion for tango. She joined the Sexteto Vendaval, playing regularly for two years in Argentina and touring in Europe. The powerful pianistic style found in tango profoundly influenced her approach to the piano. In addition to tango, Andrea studied the rhythmic diversity and complexity found in Argentine folk music and other Latin American musical styles. She brings this richness and passion to her playing.

Along with her skills as an instrumentalist, Andrea is also an audio enthusiast. She studied sound engineering at Cetear, Professional Audio School in Rosario, Argentina. Andrea currently works as an assistant engineer at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood, CA.